Getting Prepared for Evacuation Situations

We all have heard about disasters happening and most people think it would never happen to them. We hope that you are never faced with a disaster but want to make sure you are prepared if it does happen.

Imagine sitting at home having a “normal ” day. You walk outside and see that scary plume of black smoke. You are then instantly curious of what is going on. There is a Fire not too far from you, and now are having that slightly panicked feeling. What do I do first?

You go to the closet and grab the emergency binder.You have planned for this, you never wanted it to happen but you are prepared. You now hear the fire is spreading and you have to evacuate. You understand you have all the information you need. You are able to grab a few belongings and load them in your car with your binder and get to a safe spot. Now imagine that same scenario and not being prepared. Instead, you might find yourself running around losing time to get to a safe place. We at ServiceMaster by Cronic see families displaced and homes destroyed all the time. We want to make sure you have the time and peace of mind to get out during what could be a very scary situation.

Please look over this simple to follow checklist of information you should have if a disaster happens at your home. This is just basic information. you may have more or less depending on your situation. If you have a lot of assets make a binder to hold all of the information you will need. If you are tech savvy you may consider creating a virtual folder. This list is only a starting point, but starting is the point we are trying to make. Start preparing before the emergency.

Make sure to check back for more information, if you want to know more about emergency planning contact us and we can get you to the right resources.

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